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Book Design Services
for Self-Publishers

Your book will look professionally published because it will be designed by professionals.

Our expertise helps you:

  1. Choose or create the best image for your book cover
  2. Select the most appropriate typefaces to reflect your book
  3. Gather an appropriate color palette to use throughout your marketing campaign
  4. Correctly construct the digital files of your book for both print and e-reader publishing
  5. Apply industry standards to your typesetting
  6. Navigate the self-publishing process (see our Self-Publishing Checklist).

Publishing is a package deal. When a big publisher publishes your book, they manage the design process for your book: its cover, page layout design, photographs, illustrations, and marketing materials. Everything works together to make your book a handsome, exciting and enticing product that stands proudly with other books on a bookshelf or on a web page.

Professional book designers think ahead to the author's marketing program when designing the book cover. How will the art translate to horizontal website graphics, vertical book marks, and small post cards? With over twenty years experience designing for the marketing departments of Fortune 500 companies, our goal is to make your self-published book shine among the professionally published books, at a reasonable price.

The trick to keeping costs down is knowing what you need to pay for and what you don’t. We only charge you for the tasks you can not do yourself.

Use the right tool. To look professionally published, your book needs to be formatted using Adobe InDesign page layout software. Microsoft Word does not have the capabilities to properly control word and line spacing, or place images precisely. Through InDesign, the designer can “export” all the formats you need: 1) epub for iPad, 2) mobi for Kindle, and 3) pdf for print. This software also best minimizes file size. Why pay for the formatting of three versions of your book when you only need one?

Self-Publishing Checklist

Comprehensive Marketing Package

  1. A marketing plan with time line
  2. A book cover design (front, back and spine)
  3. The layout of your interior pages
  4. The design of promotion handouts (bookmarks, postcards, business cards, sell sheets, posters)
  5. An author’s website including a blog
  6. The design of matching materials for social media